The endodontia or teeth devitalization is a treatment that eliminates the dental pulp, cleaning scrupulously the canal where it is placed, both in crown and in the root. After that, the canal is filled with special materials to seal it.

It is a painless procedure thanks to which it is possible to restore and preserve teeth that otherwise should be removed.


Is it possible to do an endodontia when there is a phlegmon?

Yes. The access to the tooth canal and its cleaning generally makes the phlegmon smaller.

Is it a long treatment?

The length of the intervention depends on the difficulty of the treated tooth. Molar teeth are generally the ones that need more time, as they have re roots.

When must an endodontia be done?

It is necessary to do an endodontia when the dental pulp (nerve) has suffered an irreversible damage. The most frequent causes are when caries extension is big and has destroyed most of the dental structure or there is a traumatism.