The smile is one of the most influential aspects of facial aesthetics. We all know that a smile that is not very aesthetic can condition someone’s self esteem.

Nowadays, thanks to new techniques and equipment it is possible to design the desired smile in a barely invasive way and with excellent results.

This field of specialization enables mouth restoration with the best results in shape, color and dental position. In Clinica Dental Pardo, both the easiest treatments, such as teeth whitening and the most complex ones, like large oral restoration let us achieve the highest thoroughness on dental aesthetics.


Is it true that black fillings can be changed?

Visible black fillings (amalgam) can be replaced by others composited completely invisible, which returns the tooth back its original aesthetics.

Why is the outline of the dental crown darken near the gum?

It is generally due to the metallic-ceramic material in the crowns are fashioned from. Sometimes, the presence of metal or a small variation in the surface of the tooth's root provoke unaesthetic changes related to the color. The use of dental crowns completely made of ceramic solves the problem.

Does tooth whitening damage the tooth?

If proper techniques are used in each case, the tooth does not weaken. In some cases, little dental sensibility to thermal changes can appear during treatment, but it disappears once it is finished.

What is a veneer?

It is a partial restoration of a tooth that covers it external side. It is the best treatment for minor problems or aesthetic purposes (closing spaces, variations in the height and width of the tooth, unaesthetic discoloration).

How can I know what is the best aesthetic option for my smile?

It is possible to do simulations from different treatment options and adapt them to the patient's teeth, without them suffering at all, in order for the patient to visualize the final result.