– 1978 –

Clínica Dental Pardo began running in Ferrol as an dental clinic exclusively specialized in orthodontics Ignacio Pardo Porta, Clinical Director, and María José López Taltavull started this project with great enthusiasm, dedication and responsibility.

– 1982-

Clínica Dental Pardo moved to A Coruña.

– 1995 –

Clínica Dental Pardo achieved its 3000 patient smile.

– 1997 –

Expansion and improvement of facilities were made, and the clinic moved to its current location.

– 1999 –

Corporate Social Responsibility: Mr Ignacio Pardo Porta began to collaborate weekly and in an unselfish way with the Military Hospital – Hospital Abente y Lago, in the treatment of palatal patients.

– 2001 –

Clínica Dental Pardo achieved its 4000 patient smile.

– 2002 –

. After 25 years of exclusive dedication to dentistry and meeting the patients demands, the clinic began its expansion through the gradual incorporation of all the of all the dental specialties, with professionals whose level of training, experience and thoroughness are appropriated to the clinic standards.

– 2005-

Dr. Berta Pardo joined as a teacher into the Department of Orthodontics at Universidad de Oviedo.

– 2008 –

Clinica Dental Pardo took one step ahead in its process of expansion, opening a new clinic in Arteixo, equipped with the most advanced technology.

– 2009 –

Clinica Dental Pardo gets the certification Incognito™. With it, the clinic became one of the firsts dental clinics in Galicia that uses this innovative lingual technique.

– 2012 –

Dr. Berta Pardo joined as a teacher into the Department of Orthodontics at Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.

– HOY –

NOWADAYS After almost 4 decades marked by the patient’s satisfaction, the confidence, the professionalism and the integrity, in Clinica Dental Pardo we keep working with the same eagerness and disposition to keep on smiling with you.